Sample Philosophy Essays On Hip-Hop Film “Beyond Beats and Rhymes”

Homework Question on Hip-Hop Film “Beyond Beats and Rhymes”

  •  Write on the following topics, ONE FULL PAGE for each topic (separate topics).

Topic 1:

  • The theme of alienation as presented in the hip hop film. The link of the film: –

Topic 2:

  • Wollstonecraft’s ideas on Education and how that can impact relationships?
  • You can use “The Republic – Plato By Simon and Schuster Translation” book as a source or any other source’s.

Homework Answer on Hip-Hop Film “Beyond Beats and Rhymes”

This documentary presents an in-depth and detailed examination of manhood, sexism, and homophobia that characterize the culture defining hip-hop. One of the outstanding issues is the relationship between Hip-hop and violence. This is because the genre has been accused of entertaining and glorifying violence and homophobia. The documentary asserts that through hip-hop, manhood has been reduces to the amount of wealth an individual has, ability to acquire and control women, and the role of power in defining an individual life.

While giving examples of music from different artists, the director, Byron Hurt, realizes that the videos by hip-hop artists communicate certain aspects considered similar. These are men in fancy cars throwing money at the camera, while the dancers are scantily dressed women. The documentary also sparks a debate on hip-hop and its declaration of matters related to gender.

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Women in this genre are considered as objects to be used in satisfying the desires of men. This explains the scanty dressing and the explicit immoral acts of violence and sexual relations against women in the hip-hop videos. There are arguments that the role of Hip-hop in the society is to communicate societal ills as they appear. This necessitates the generation of a controversial debate whose solution cannot be approached from the perception of right and wrong.