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Homework Question on Feminism in Arab Women

  1. The topic is about this article..try to find it online and critically analyse it and relate it to feminist theory.
  2. Is Feminism Relevant to Arab Women? Nawar Al-Hassan Golley Third World Quarterly

Homework Answer on Feminism in Arab Women

Feminism is the promotion of equality for women in terms of political, economic, and social aspects. Feminist theory attempts to analyze the status of women in society with an aim of making their lives comfortable. Gender inequality has been widespread in Arab countries, as women are denied most of their rights due to their culture, as well as religious beliefs. In her article, “Is Feminism Relevant to Arab Women?” Nawal Al-Hassan Golley (2004) has pointed that the growth of women’s movement that is experienced in the Arab world could not have occurred if such movement did not happen in other parts of the globe.

Feminism is not a new idea in the Arab culture. Arab women have played part in the nationalist struggles, and have continued to get involved in politics in their countries. The culture of veil and ‘harem’ has made Arab women suffer oppression from their male counterparts. Joining politics has weakened the use of veil. The fight for equality has made women rebel against the veil and harem. Although the issue of veil should not be perceived as a struggle for equality, no woman should be discriminated due to wearing the veil.

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Feminism has made the veil to be considered as an object of empowerment, rather than for oppressing Arab women (Golley, 2004).Although feminism has often been associated with Western culture, its aspects are quite different from Western feminism. It has reformed Islamic practices by enabled Arab women not to be perceived as inferior to men. Feminism is significant to Arab women because it has enabled them to gain political, social, and economic status in their countries.