Sample Philosophy Essays On Business in Logistics and Philosophy

Homework Question on Business in Logistics and Philosophy

  • Write a 3-4 page (double-spaced) paper on the topic below. Please use 12 font (Times New Roman). Remember that any attempts at plagiarism result in an automatic fail for this course. You may quote primary and secondary sources to help your argument, but you must properly cite them in footnotes (ex. Heidegger, Martin (1968) ‘Introduction: Being and Time’ in Martin Heidegger’s Basic Writings, San Francisco: Harper, p.42). Though you may quote other philosophers, please keep these quotes to a minimum.
  • I am interested in your personal thoughts and ability to think critically. Topic: Choose a current issue in society (not necessarily American society) and elaborate on how philosophical thinking may be useful for approaching this topic. I encourage you to write about an issue that is related to your major or field of study.
  1. What branches of philosophy could be applied to this topic?
  2. Are any particular philosophers especially useful for treating this issue?
  3. Briefly describe what the issue is, then demonstrate your capacity for critical thought, by analyzing what different philosophical values are at stake.

Homework Answer on Business in Logistics and Philosophy

Philosophy does not belong to the realm of the abstract. In the field of Business in Logistics, branches of philosophy such as ethics play a huge role in influencing major decisions. Ethics issues are at the center stage of business in logistics, especially, throughout the supply chain. The quest for competitive advantage drives organizations towards the edge of compromising ethical values especially in the way they produce and how they treat their human resources.

The issue of violating fair labor standards is common in the field of Business Logistics, and it has come to create a business environment associated with theft and internal fraud. Apart from the ethical point of analysis, the field of Business Logistics also links with political philosophy in the sense that businesses have to know when they are overstepping their mandate. It is a branch of ethics that is mostly concerned with how one acts within the society.

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Given that philosophy seeks to clarify the human beings’ relation to the world and the ways of living accordingly, issues of the environment are bound to come up in the field of Business Logistics. This is especially true in the 21st century where companies are under immense pressure to develop sustainable supply chain networks. As a student of Business Logistics, I would like to extend the argument for the rationale of philosophical thought in approaching the affairs of exploitation with respect to human resources and the environment. Most importantly, the branches of ethics and political philosophy prove useful in handling several controversial issues that arise in the management of supply chains.