Sample Philosophy Essays On Aristotle and Plato

Homework Question on Aristotle and Plato

  1. Aristotle and Plato disagree on whether form is immanent or transcendent. What are they talking about?  Why does Aristotle dislike Plato’s idealism? Which of them do you think is right (or the most right)?
  2. Why does Aristotle call Plato a dualist? What is your opinion of dualism as a philosophical stance  Why does Aristotle reject it?
  3.  Does every effect have a cause? Must there be a first cause (or “Prime Mover,” as Aristotle terms it)? Might the universe instead be infinite?
  4. Do you agree with Aristotle (and why or why not) that happiness is the proper goal of human life?

Homework Answer on Aristotle and Plato

This passage describes courage by citing various principles of virtue and examples that are considered as bravery. Aristotle posits that courage is a mean between fear and confidence. People show fear as everything that looks bad and do fear things like defeat and death, which should not worry a brave person. He notes that a brave man is one who faces and fears what he should for the right reason, in the right manner and at the right time. A brave man performs his actions for the sake of what is noble. A brave man is thus one who is fearless in facing a noble death.

Types of Courage

Courage to Examine

Refers to the ability to take a step back and evaluate an action or actions, for example, one may look back at the day’s event and ask himself, “ What have I achieved today?”

Courage to be uncertain

Many people would never attempt things they are not sure about. It is healthy to venture into uncertain areas because they provide room for growth. Moments of uncertainty enables individuals to learn more about themselves.

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The Courage to Admit

People would prefer to be right all the time, but nobody can be right always. When a person lacks a solution or an answer to a problem, they should have the courage to admit that they do not have the answer. When one admits of not having an answer, it shows strength.