Sample Philosophy Essays On Administrative Philosophy

Homework Question on Student Affairs Administrative Philosophy of Higher Education

  1. Discuss your philosophy of how you will supervise students, encourage them to develop and grow as a whole person, and how you will build relationships with students.
  2. Relate this to the field of student affairs you are/will be employed in.

Homework Answer on Student Affairs Administrative Philosophy of Higher Education


A public university would be ideal for this administrative philosophy. The university ought to be preferably a large and secular one. The university should have well laid out sections or departments that control the overall activities of the university. The departments should be interrelated and checks be instilled for decision-making processes. A universal panel of directors/governors should be instilled for top administration decisions.

It has a representation for the students and the staff. Student representation in each department should be realized and should be more than a ceremonial function or position.My attraction to this university is due to the organizational inclusion of all its community members. The students’ and staff opinion are considered at all management levels as these decisions affect them directly. This also makes every subject feel appreciated as his or her opinion count in the running of the university.

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The layout of the goals and mission of the university is also strategic. It appeals to me as they provide the guideline of the university’s activities and decision-making process.The institution should also have well laid goals and missions. A contemporary strategic vision should be couple with the main vision as to help achieve the main goal of the university. Consecutive decisions or actions by the university (inclusive of the management, staff and the students) should be in line with the main goal of the university.