Sample Philosophy Essay Paper on the invisibility Ring

The invisibility ring

With the invisibility ring, I would consider attempting to accomplish all my childhood and teenage cravings and dreams. I would, however, avoid sharing the money especially with close family members because I would not want a situation where they will be affected when problems arise. However, from experience, living with an unsatisfied conscience and guilt or insecurity is traumatizing as it eliminates the peace of mind, which is crucial for my temperance. I have always held the opinion that no amount of money can completely solve all of a person’s problems. After reading the discussion, I am convinced that money does not completely solve one’s problems and bring instant happiness. Despite the tempting offer, like other offers I have had in the past, I will quickly ignore it without much thinking, lest I change my mind out of temptation.

The first peer discussion

I think the writer is justified to take all the money that he/she desires. The writers reveal that they will give some of the money to charity to reduce their guilt or console their troublesome conscience. I think this writer will not be affected by the guilt because he believes that as long as he will not be caught, he will move on. However, he does not realize the discomfort that arises from suspecting oneself and living in insecurity and hiding (or attempting to hide in public).

The second peer discussion

In the second article, the writer is patient enough to consider all the circumstances before making the decision. The writer notes that it is after reading the entire conversation that he realizes the dissatisfaction that may arise from taking the money. In the end, happiness is more important than power and money, and one cannot acquire happiness and peace of mind from power and money. The writer takes sides with Socrates in supporting the belief that knowledge of justice is more essential to a person in their future life than instant power or attempting to satisfy one’s craving of money.