Sample Philosophy Creative Writing Paper Summary: Can Computers in any way be Programmed to Think Like Humans

Can Computers in any way be programmed to think like Humans?

Although the question regarding whether computers can think like humans is insignificant in the contemporary times, there are some issues regarding computers that need to be addressed. For instance, in his book “Theories of Mind”, Turing explores some statements regarding computers. The objective of the author in the revolutionary book is to ascertain whether computers think or do imitations (51).

The question is essential to provide enlightenment in this issue since it is already clear that computers think, apply intelligence and brain reference although are not living like humans. Computers are made and programmed by humans based on human intelligence. This implies that the computers operate based on directions given by the humans. The programmers can make the computers to err if they so wish. This only means that without the invisible human hand, computers are functionless.

Due to the fact that computers work only based on the programs by humans, it can be said conclusively that computers operate unconsciously. They do everything without awareness of their actions or the impacts and consequences of those actions. Although humans at times do the same, the key difference is that computers do it all the time and are unable to decipher feelings or emotions during the process. Emotions are an important aspect for human thought and it is impossible to think without involving emotions. Consequently, it is impossible for computers to think like humans or to be wise.

Based on these arguments, I lay my case on the proposition that despite researches and discussions regarding whether computers can think, it is impossible for computers to think like humans. Human thought requires consideration of facts, which computers cannot do. They only act in the way they are programmed to act hence are only imitators but cannot think.

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