Sample Persuasive Essays On Obesity as a Disease

Homework Question on Obesity should be considered as a disease

  1. Write a persuasive essay that urges readers to accept your viewpoint on an issue and to take action on that issue.
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Homework Answer on Obesity should be considered as a disease

Obesity is an epidemic of global proportions. In the United States, statistics indicate that at least 60% of the total population is obese, with 23% of these people being children (Sharts-Hopko, 2010). It is caused by several factors including poor eating habits, lack of exercise and genetic. Currently, controlling this epidemic has been achieved through exercise, dieting, changing lifestyle activities, government regulations on food labeling, among others (Powell, 2009).

Obesity causes a variety of health problems including diabetes, cancer, and high blood pressure. Psychologically, it causes depression, stress and low self-esteem. This can adversely affect formation and development of social skills especially kids who are bullied because of being obese. Therefore, it is imperative that obesity be considered as a disease due to its adverse effects on people’s health. Researches should also be geared towards finding medical solutions to counter the effects of obesity.

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For the past 30 decades, there is relatively very little new research data, funding, or publications on obesity. This is in spite of well-documented adverse health implications of obesity. It is prudent that obesity be considered as a disease and research should focus on ways of controlling it (Martinez, 2007). Research should focus on medications or other medical solutions that can help stop the disease that is one of the leading causes of deaths in the world.