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Homework Question on Instructional Methods

  • Instructional Methods :There are different methods for teaching. No one is perfect for teaching all learners in all setting. Combination of methods is suggested to maximize learning and retention. Reading chapter 11 of your text book you can learn about all instructional methods that can be applied in your daily practice as a nurse educator.
  1. This assignment requires you to be familiar with all instructional methods and to select the three (3) that make you feel more comfortable while teaching.
  2. Select a topic that you would like to teach and describe briefly the methods (3) and setting you will use. Explain why?
  3. Make sure to mention which method will be your primary teaching method.
  • Write 2 pages, excluding cover and reference pages. APA format mandatory.


  • Bastable, S. B. (2014). Nurse as Educator. (4th Ed.). Jones & Barlett Learning, MA.  ISBN: 978-1-4496-9750-1

Homework Answer on Instructional Methods

There are as many teaching strategies available for use by nursing instructors as there are the numbers of nursing instructors from all over the world. Generally speaking, there is no specific teaching and learning methodology that is applicable to all regions and for all nursing students and teachers. However, different methods are adopted by different instructors in different regions to teach different categories of students (Bastable). This paper has discussed the various teaching methods adopted by nursing professionals to teach and direct student nurses in different contexts.

One method is the problem-based teaching strategy and learning method, in which the students are divided into different, small groups of about 5, and each group is presented with an ideal problem to tackle. Using a sample topic ‘Alzheimer dementia’ for instance, the group closely analyses the situation presented to identify the main problem. They then discern what is known and what is unknown about the presented topic. Each section of the problem, such as ways of recognizing dementia, delirium, and depression among older adults, managing strategies for Alzheimer dementia, the disease mechanisms for Alzheimer dementia.

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The instructor leads class discussions and provides additional information as the various groups carry out the presentation. This teaching methodology is advantageous as it stimulates critical thinking during learning, since the students identify the problems and solutions by researching on them. Besides, all students are engaged in the learning process and therefore get motivated to learn new ideas and concepts once they get acquainted with the method (Bastable). In this way, the students are prepared to identify the real-life problems and tackle them appropriately.