Sample Nutrition Paper On Weight Loss

Homework Question on Weight Loss

  1. A friend is 5’3″ weighs 173 pounds. She intends to lose 48 pounds by her sister’s wedding in 4 months. Because she dislikes sweating, she intends to lose weight using a commercial beverage for breakfast and lunch and what she calls a “sensible” dinner.
  2. What are her chances of achieving permanent weight loss? Would you advise her to attempt this diet?

Homework Answer on Weight Loss

The science behind weight loss depends mainly on the amount of energy an individual takes in. This is because it is the same amount burnt in the body during weight loss. This energy is the difference in the levels of calories contained in foods and drinks. The amount of energy lost varies depending on the different activities that various individuals engage in. Strenuous activities, for instance walking and manual work, burn up more calories hence more energy used.

Loss of weight can be effectively achieved using this method of burning up the calories in respect to the activities done in a day. The amount of calories burnt during such activities is indicated by sweating as the burned calories are released from the body in the form of heat. Losing weight can be best attributed to calorie deficit which can be done in two major ways: eating less which translates to less consumption of calories and more physical activity that burns more of the calories (McGraw, 2014)

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Weight loss requires permanent lifestyle change in order to achieve desired results especially for such an individual who wants to lose 125 pounds within just 4 months. This set goal might not be realistic. The expectation is higher compared to the time frame given. Commercial breakfast and lunch is a sure way to lose weight. For example, opting for juices particularly vegetable juice to replace the usual burgers and fries for lunch. It is possible to lose 5 pounds a week on juice diet replacing the meals (Bittman, 2013)