Sample Nutrition Paper On The Importance of Prevention Systems

Homework Question on The Importance of The Effectiveness Of Prevention Systems

  • Carry out an individual research into the prevention and control systems of food safety management.
  • Using your research, produce a written report of your findings which should include:
  1. A summary of the methods for the safe storage of food, with an emphasis on temperature control system
  2. An evaluation of the importance of personal hygiene, cleaning, disinfection and pest control
  3. A justification of the need for hygienic design of premises and hygiene training
  4. A guidance document for a seafood restaurant including a food hazard risk assessment, a food safety control system and a food safety guide meeting legal requirements

Homework Answer on The Importance of The Effectiveness Of Prevention Systems


The effort geared towards guaranteeing food safety and quality is extremely intense in many companies including a myriad of fast food chains, food manufacturing entities, and hotels. The impetus of this research report is to scrutinize prevention and control systems linked to the practices of food safety management. Food safety practices do not only affect the technical aspects of development in the food production industry (Flick, Granata & Martin 2012).

More precisely, analyzing the food safety practices is paramount because the global food system has tremendously changed. There is an increased rate of trade and travel, changes in agricultural and animal production practices are evident, and there is an increased bacterial resistance to antibiotics (Frash & MacLaurin 2010). Additionally, there are continuous technological sophistications in the food production fraternity. Thus, the endeavors linked to this study are of extreme vitality to the food production industries in all locales.

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It is prudent to establish clear rules and guidelines that outline the standards linked to the prevention and control systems in the food safety practices (Shaw 2012). To realize the high quality and safe food, the commitment and strong awareness of all the stakeholders in the food production industry is a requirement.