Sample Nutrition Paper On Fad Diets

Homework Question on Fad Diets

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Homework Answer on Fad Diets

As more nations acculturate to a western lifestyle, the rates of obesity in both children and adults are steadily increasing. According to the World Health organization, the latest global figure for obesity is continually increasing, doubling since 1980 to more than 1.4 billion adults being diagnosed as obese (NYDaily, 2014). In an effort at weight maintenance, many people are resorting at taking fad diets (Moyad, 2005).

For example, in a research conducted by the British Society of Gastroenterology, 5% of women stated that they would try using fad diets as a means to reducing weight (Bazian, 2009). The trend is worrying, since only 2% of the people interviewed thought that fad diets are good for their health. The trend of many people preferring the quick fix of a fad diet begs the question of whether they are beneficial to the people using them.

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Fad diets became so pronounced since many people do not want to make effort to lose weight using channels like exercising and making long-term changes to their eating habits. They are also popular since most of these diets work for a short amount of time (Staff, 2004). For example, in a research done where 132 severely obese people were randomly assigned different food regimes, the individuals on the low carbohydrate diet lost significantly more weight than those on the other regimes (Astrup, Larsen, & Harper, 2004).The main issue with them is that they only work for a short period of time.