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  1. Write a paper on what sugar does to your body

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Sugar is a general term that refers to sweet and highly soluble carbohydrates that are mostly applied in or used as food. They usually comprise of carbon, hydrogen as well as oxygen and may be derived from varying sources. Granulated sugar that is usually applied in food is a form of sucrose with double bonded chain that is commonly known as disaccharide. Granulated sugar is normally refines to an extent of being depleted of important naturally occurring vitamins as well as minerals.

This refinement leaves the sugar with pure and highly refined carbohydrates that cannot be easily utilized in the body. As a result, excessive application of granulated sugar in food means that it can only perpetuate harmful rather than beneficial effects to the body (Jim, 2013). This paper explores how using excessive sugar in food can harm the body.

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What using excessive granulated sugar in food can do to the body

People use granulated sugar in various different ways including adding into a cup of tea, baking cakes and pastries as well as sprinkling on breakfast cereals to enhance flavor. Sugar can also exist in certain sweetened beverages like sodas and fruit juices as well as processed foods like breads, candies, meats, ice creams and condiments (Ejtahed, 2015). Most people perceive sugary foods as appealing, tasty and even satisfying. This perception has seen a significant level of sugar addiction prevailing not only among children but also among adults. Today, a typical American takes up to thirty two teaspoons of sugar on daily basis. What is even more shocking is that people are taking excessive sugar in the form of fructose-based corn syrup.