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Homework Question on Slavoj Žižek Human Rights Analysis

  • There are two questions and make an essays ought to be around 500 words and must address both questions based on your understanding of the reading.
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  1. Does Žižek retain anything of what is generally considered human rights?
  2. What are some of Žižek’s objections to humanitarian intervention?

Homework Answer on Slavoj Žižek Human Rights Analysis

Slavoj Zizek is a Slovenian philosopher who rose to fame through popularization of the work of psychologists Jacques Lacan, and philosophers such as Louis Althusser. He simplified complex issues by elaborating them in a manner that an ordinary citizen can understand. Slavoj presents his personal view concerning the work of these philosophers of the 18th and 19th century in today’s world through his books and interviews and from other sources such as lecture transcripts and interviews.

Question 1

What too many view as the human rights, Zizek assumes a different perspective. He does not retain the ideas of Marxist and other post-colonial thinkers, and he finds his way and ideas about human rights unique. Zizek views the modern day’s human rights as an attack on the formal and abstract nature of the human rights declaration and some alternatives to it. He demands changes from “deep right” to “morality” where the inner feeling of identity and persons will are greatly considered.

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He argues that in the western society, individuals can no longer be private individuals with independent thoughts free from their feelings. He also argues that human rights are not the notion of free choice of what we do as this lowers the authenticity of our will. The choice should be a choice of modality not based on beliefs on culture or religion. He says by violence one can be able to have a genuine universality as violence disrupts the union of the social body.