Sample Nutrition Essays On Portion Distortion

Homework Question on Portion Distortion

  • With a large percentage of Americans being classified as overweight or obese, it is important to understand the concept of portions and how they have changed over the years.
  • Visit the Portion Distortion website: Click on the “Download Portion Distortion I slides set” link.
  • Once you have viewed the slides go back to the main page and click the “Download Portion Distortion II slides set” link.
  • Once viewed go back to the main page. Click “Portion Distortion I” and “Portion Distortion II” (they are bolded) there are quizzes in each one. The quizzes include questions about portion sizes and the amount of calories in select items, and then it talks about exercise.
  • Take the two quizzes. These are not scored, they are just for you to understand the changes in portion sizes.
  • Write a one page (12 font, Times New Roman, single spaced) paper on how portion sizes have changed over the years.
  1. Address the implications of portion size in relationship to obesity in America today. Were you surprised at the information that you found? Why or why not? (15 points)
  2. Explain ways that could be used to encourage Americans to decrease their portion sizes. (10 points)

Homework Answer on Portion Distortion

Portion sizes refer to the quantity of food consumed during meals or snacks by consumers. Some people consume large amounts of food in a single portion that may be characterized by multiple servings. There has been tremendous increase in the amount of calories consumed today that is surprising when compared to twenty years ago. A three-inch diameter bagel twenty years ago had 140 calories. Today, a six-inch diameter contains 350 calories representing a 210-calorie difference.

In relation to spaghetti meatballs, there was only five hundred calories twenty years back. Today, two cups pasta and three meatballs of the same food contain 1025 calories. This means that the number of calories today has more than doubled. Similarly, turkey sandwiches only had 320 calories twenty years ago. Today, this sandwich contains a surprising eight hundred and twenty calories. This also means that the calories have more than doubled representing a five hundred calories difference.

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French fries had two hundred and ten calories twenty years back. The number calories today for 6.9 ounces equates to six hundred and ten calories. This means that the number of calories has almost tripled within this period. On the other hand, cheeseburger has calorie difference of 257 calorie over the past twenty years. Pepperoni pizza today has eight hundred and fifty calories as compared to twenty years back when it had five hundred calories. This represents a three fifty calorie difference.