Sample Nutrition Essays On Paleo Diet

Homework Question on Paleo Diet

  1. Should be a 2-page minimum analysis including your real-life experiences, future concerns, and personal health concerns as they relate to nutrition in your life.
  2. The purpose of the assignment is an initial self- reflection of where you stand in the effort to have positive nutritional impact on your health.

Homework Answer on Paleo Diet

The rate of death from preventable lifestyle ailments has continued to rise throughout the globe because people have abandoned traditional diets. They have turned to diets that are highly processed, fast foods, or foods with high cholesterols, which are perceived to promote obesity and cardiovascular diseases. I believe that humans were meant to take the Paleo Diet, which is nutritional, easily digestible, and free from cholesterol.

According to Bujko and Kowalski, the Paleo (or the Peleolithic) diet is the type of food that was commonly eaten during the Paleolithic period, but has become part of the modern nutritional diet (214). Personally, I am a victim of fast foods, which are quite common in our nearest markets.Despite knowing all the risks that fast foods carry, I have continued taking them due to their accessibility and affordability. Luckily, I do not suffer from any ailment that could result from taking unhealthy foods.

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I became a regular customer of fast foods during my middle school period, where I used to supplement whatever we were offered in school with chips and clips. Almost every student in our school enjoyed taking such foods, and you could obviously notice those who had already gained excessive weight due to unhealthy diet. I like tasty food with delicious aroma, and whenever I pass near a fast food joint, I always fight the urge to drop in and buy some. Besides, my little sister is also addicted to fast foods, which makes it hard for us to leave this risky habit.