Sample Nutrition Essays On Intake of Calorie and Nutritional Balance

Homework Question on Intake of Calorie and Nutritional Balance

  • Deliverable length: 400-600–word summary of your research

Course Objective(s):

  • Analyze menus for caloric intake and nutritional balance.
  • Suggest ideas for making healthy foods interesting for the consumer.
  • Develop and produce menu concepts that address specific dietary restrictions or health needs.
  • Analyze dietary restricted menus for caloric intake and nutritional balance.


  1. Why is sugar important to the diet?
  2. Explain the usages and functions of sugar in body metabolism and function.
  3. Why have sugars become such a controversial item to consume?
  4. Submit a 1-page summary of your research.
  5. Be sure to use APA format, and include a minimum of 2 references from the year 2000 and greater.

Homework Answer on Intake of Calorie and Nutritional Balance

Calorie is the quantity of energy contained in a particular food material. Being the quantity of energy, it is measured in Kilojoules. The critical analysis of calorie intake reveals that it depends on a number of factors. These include sex, age, occupation, exercise and emotion. For instance, it is estimated that an average man requires about 2500 kilocalories for proper weight maintenance (Turley & Thompson, 2013).

On the other hand normal average woman requires about 2000 kilocalories for maintenance of the same body weight. An athlete doing a lot of exercise would require even much more calorie which is converted to energy.For stable weight maintenance, the energy intake for the body (calories) should be the same to energy (calorie) output. Incase one consumes a lot of calorie then it should be followed by the less consumption of the same next day.

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This will make the overall energy consumption remain balanced. Almost every food taken has calorie, but the content varies from food to food, therefore everyone should learn a good eating habit by knowing the food to take at any given time so as not to under consume or overtake calorie as per the body requirement (Turley & Thompson, 2013).A good idea for making food interesting for the consumers is by taking a well balanced diet.