Sample Nutrition Essays On Food Safety Announcement

Homework Question on Food Safety Announcement

  • Imagine that your city has experienced a drastic rise in food-borne illness. The public lacks the knowledge about appropriate food safety to prevent these problems, and they do not know how to educate themselves about nutrition and health.
  • Create a public-service bulletin to be printed in the Sunday edition of your newspaper. Address the following points in 400 – 500 words:
  1. Identify some common safety issues related to food purchase, storage, and presentation.
  2. Describe some illnesses or problems the safety issues might cause, ways to prevent the illnesses or problems, and recommendations for where readers might search for more information.
  3. Include criteria that readers must use to determine credible sources of nutritional information.
  4. Explain why it is important for readers to use these criteria when searching for information on nutrition and health. Research online news sources, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and notices from the local health department to assist you with preparing content for the bulletin. Format the bulletin consistent with APA guidelines.

Homework Answer on Food Safety Announcement

With the rising cases of Food-borne illnesses in New York, it is essential for consumers to understand that protecting their families against these illnesses, does not start at home.  These safety measures start from the places where they purchase their food, up to home (Rodrick, 2005). For example, according to CDC, food-borne illnesses kill approximately 5,200 people annually, and hospitalize around 325,000 of them. These statistics are very shocking; hence, there is need for putting in place drastic measures, in order to curb this menace.

Various safety issues relate to food storage, presentation, and purchase. Some of the issues include over storage, as well as, poor storage of food (Shays, 2006). In this case, over storage refers to keeping food in the stores for a longer period than the stipulated one, until it expires. On the other hand, poor storage refers to keeping the food uncovered, thus exposing it to the risks of contamination.

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Another safety issue is purchasing, and consumption of food before checking its expiry date. Failure to consider this aspect is very dangerous, as it makes individuals end up consuming expired food. In addition, failing to inspect jars and cans is another safety issue most people ignore. Failure to consider this aspect can make a person buy contaminated, or under processed food. Similarly, failure to maintain personal cleanness and that of the place for selling food is another major safety issue (Rodrick, 2005).