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Homework Question on Food Practices

  1. Students will meet in person with an individual who has lived in the United States less than two years but is planning on living in the U.S. permanently.
  2. Pre-plan interview questions in order to understand:
  • How the interviewee has transitioned to life in the U.S.;
  • What, if any, food-related practices have been kept and/or changed with their move to the United States. For example: 1. food traditions, 2.cultural food practices, •family food practices.
  • This paper is three pages, double spaced and can be reported in Q and A format or descriptive format.
  • (150 points) Principal Objective Assessment (Grading parameters) Points Assigned Food Traditions Assess what food-related traditions (eating habits, specific foods eaten, shopping patterns, who does the cooking, etc.) the person had before moving to the United States. Traditions they had related to food before they moved to the U.S. are explained/defined.
  • 25 points Food Adjustments Examine how their food traditions have been changed by living in the United States. Alterations in their food traditions that came about because/from/as a result of moving to the U.S. are addressed.
  • 25 points Cultural Influences on Food Analyze how culture has impacted changes in food traditions. Cultural impacts on food selection, food traditions, food preferences, etc. are written about and explained.
  • 25 points Food Practices Explain what specific food practices (how food is prepared, eaten, when, where, with whom, etc.) have been altered. Particular changes surrounding food practices are described.
  • 25 points Technical Writing Collegiate-level (3000-level course) writing:
  • Paper construction (introduction/thesis statement, body, conclusion, etc.); Grammar; Spelling, Punctuation;

Homework Answer on Food Practices

Today, there the number of people who visit the United States of America has increased significantly. Most people travel to the US for business, education or to look for jobs. The majority of the visitors often end up settling in the US for long-term. Nevertheless, there are various challenges that face immigrants in the US, which include economic, political, environmental and social challenges.

Social challenges are the main form of challenge that faces new immigrants in the country. The immigrants are exposed to a new culture that is very different from their original cultural practices such as cultural practices and language among other cultural aspects. Alteration in the food practices is a major challenge that faces new immigrants in the US. The food practices and eating habits in the US is different from that of other parts of the world and when an individual visit US, his food practice must change and adapt to the American eating habit (Rosenmöller, Gasevic, Seidell & Lear, 2011).

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Taking an example of a Chinese man who has stayed in the US for one year, the paper will look how the individual has changed food related practices after moving to the US.From the interview conducted, food practices in China and US are very different. Therefore, an individual from China staying in the US must change most of his food practices. Chinese people are known to have strong cultural and food practice, which is one of the factors that define Chinese culture.