Sample Nutrition Essays On Food Labels and Nutrition

Homework Question on Food Labels and Nutrition

  • In this assignment you will analyze food labels, list the nutrient classes and their functions, and summarize the consequences of overnutrition and undernutrition.
  1. Complete the Food Label and Health assignment by providing a response of at least 300 words in APA format to this assignment. Include the following:
  2. Discuss what the 5/20 rule is according to the Food Label and You video.  Include an example of a food label from your own pantry, clearly stating how the rule applies to specific nutrients on the food label.
  3. Outline how the 5/20 rule would be applied to at least two chronic diseases. For the diseases mentioned which nutrients should be reduced or increased?
  4. Discuss the proposed Food Label changes outlined in the Textbook explaining how the changes would help consumers understand food labels more effectively.

Homework Answer on Food Labels and Nutrition

Nutrients that the body cannot synthesize on its own is termed an essential nutrient 0r synthesizes, but not the adequate amount. The diet provides these nutrients. For proper body functioning, these nutrients are necessary. The list includes carbohydrates, fat, proteins, vitamins, water, and minerals (Colby 2010).The brains primary energy source is carbohydrates. The body without it would not function in the proper manner.  Protein being vital for building and repair of body tissue is the key structural component of cells.

These result in breakdown of protein into amino acids, which are its components. There are 20 amino acids referred to as essential amino acids, nine of which should be provided in the diet (Drichoutis, Lazaridis & Nayga, 2005).The absorption of fat-soluble vitamins in heightened if fat which is an energy source is consumed. For the synthesis of collagen, vitamin C is necessary. It provides structure to blood vessels, bone, and ligaments. Of the minerals, sodium maintains fluid volume outside the cells and helps cells to function normally.

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Potassium keeps fluid volume in the cell and prevents the excess rise of blood pressure with increased sodium intake. Water transport nutrients to cells and maintains homeostasis in the body. Also, water removes waste products from the body (Colby 2010). Both under nutrition and over nutrition detrimentally affect energy metabolism. Over nutrition raises energy expenditure while malnutrition lowers it.