Sample Nutrition Essay Paper on Rest



Rest is simply one of the eight important aspects of the creation health concept. Though this paper focuses on how we achieve mental, physical and spiritual health, its importance and its applications, its influence is dependent on the rest of the other creation health aspects. Rest is important for rejuvenation and sustenance of health and healthily relationships. Though its role is slightly diminished in the society, its merits are available to all willing to apply it


While contemporary society is continually concerned with the concept of getting better or getting ahead at the expense of most of the other facets of existence, the Bible is out rightly vocal on the position of resting as being equally as important as the concept of work. In the book of John, Christ stipulates his main agenda when he presents that he came that all may have life and life in it fullness (John 10:10) as implied in the Greek word Zoe implying a joyful, satisfying and active life. In light of this, it is also important to note that in the eyes of God in eternity, man is made of body, soul and spirit. Hence, rest for all these facets is an important aspect, with the impairing of adequate rest for any of them resulting in the expression of negative end results (Creation health, 2015).

In his expression for the desire for man’s enjoyment of physical, mental and spiritual rest, Christ makes the claim that all those who come to him and lay their burdens on him will enjoy rest in the execution of God’s will (Mat_11:28). Therefore, it is prudent to have clear understanding of God’s requirement that we worry over nothing except that we please him. In pleasing him and enjoying his righteousness, Christ not only assures us the peace and rest of our souls but presents the promise that the Father, who cares for us more than the sparrows and knows the number of hairs on our heads will see to the provision of all our needs (Mat 6:26). This implies that the culmination of spiritual and mental rest is the eventual expression of physical rest. Therefore the rejuvenation of the whole man for the partaking in new endeavours requires wholesome rest in all three spheres.

While the recipe for spiritual and mental rest lies in our relationship with God, the development of physical rest attributes to match our spiritual status is highly important. According to the APS Healthcare (2011), there are three applicable techniques and behaviours for ensuring physical rest to complement the freely acquired spiritual and mental. The first is the conscious decision to make and dedicate time for resting and escaping the burdens and stresses of life. Such time slots need not be long periods, as simple leisure or nature walk would suffice. However, in order to ensure this, a second step where one sets and adheres to a daily routine is important, as this will ensure the rest period is maintained at crucial moments in the day (start, mid-day and before bedtime). Finally, the application of a rest regime requires the provision of rest for the mind. This provision can be ensured by indulging in demanding and involving physical activities or writing down any source of worry to be tackled later and avail rest for the mind. In addition to these, involvement in systematic breathing exercises while maintaining the prostate position and allowing the mind to wonder off and shoulder exercises provide important 10-20 minutes of mental as well s physical rest.

Having satisfied the requirements for rest, the results are often physically visible, with the most prominent being the reduction and eventual elimination of stress. Due to its negative influence on abdominal health, the reduction of stress results in improved abdominal health as well as blood pressure ratings. In addition to these aspects that result in rejuvenation, the provision of rest periods results in social time, improving the relationships with family as well as friends which also plays a part in physiological rest.


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