Sample Nutrition Essay Paper on Letter of Motivation

Letter of Motivation

            I would like to fully express my interest in joining Le Cordon Bleu in Shanghai China starting from 1/2017.

            I am currently studying business management as an undergraduate in the University of Bedfordshire. I am expecting to graduate in 11/2016. Educational background, work experiences and skills are some of the reasons I am motivated to study in Le Cordon Bleu in Shanghai China. Notably, possession of business management skills is significant for the success and growth of any company, firm, or entrepreneurial venture. In my case, I plan to open my restaurant in Shanghai China after completion of my studies. As such, the business management course would provide me with the necessary entrepreneurial skills of maximizing returns through good business practices.

            Firstly, considering the fact that I am a self motivated, hardworking and focused individual, I have been able to pursue education seriously. In the 2003 fall, I got my certificate of secondary education from the San Wui Commercial Secondary School in Hong Kong. I later pursed an Associate of Arts Degree in West Hills College in California. This was in the 2007 semester fall. After completion of this degree, I decided to study BA in business management, which I am currently continuing with in the University of Bedfordshire. These institutions have been fundamental in providing me with necessary knowledge that can be applied in the real work environment.

            Secondly, I have had tremendous work experiences that have mainly been business related. These work experiences have been two fold; Hong Kong and the United States. In Hong Kong, I served in various capacities and positions among different companies. Firstly, at Paco Signature Asia Limited (October 2010-January 2011), I served as the sales executive and was responsible for direct sales of wine products, maintaining customer relationships and achieving sales targets. In March 2011-December 2011, I served as a marketing executive in Kinwick Materials Limited tasked with duties such as identifying new business, maintaining client relationships, and preparing company presentations. Later, I served as nutritionist in Concord Alliance Limited from March 2012 to February 2013. I was able to provide customer service and health promotion services at this company. Furthermore, I worked as a business fashion lady in Ms Room Limited from August 2013- December 2015.

            In the United States, I gained experience from two institutions namely: Allstate Insurance and West Hills Community College. June 2008- August 2008 saw me work as a part time assistant manager at Allstate Insurance mainly tasked with reminding the manager of customer questions. Previously, in September 2007- November 2007 I worked as a kitchen assistant concerned with customer service and kitchen cleanliness. 

            Thirdly, the skills I have acquired are equally important towards the actualization of my business career. Educationally, I have computer skills that comprise of packages such as internet and email that are important in this technologically driven world. I also have leadership skills having been an external vice president at West Hills College. Leadership duties included handling chess and bridge club affairs. In addition, my fluency in English, Cantonese and Putonghua gives me a diverse communication advantage.

            I would like to continue my business studies in Le Cordon Bleu in Shanghai China in order to expand my business knowledge necessary in work application considering the fact that I want to venture in a restaurant business.

            I am looking forward to a positive response and thank you for my request consideration.

Yours faithfully