Sample Nutrition Essay Paper on Ergogenic aids


Question 1

Ergogenic aids refer to a substance or technique used with an aim of improving performance. There are various types of ergogenic aids and they include: pharmacologic, nutritional, physiologic, and psychologic.

Question 2

FDA is accountable for taking action against any dietary supplement product that has been misbranded after reaching the market. On the other hand, FTC is accountable for controlling the advertisement of dietary supplement.

Question 3

The two nutritional ergogenic aid types that strength athletes are likely to use are nutritional aids and pharmacological aids. The two nutritional ergogenic aid categories that strength athletes are likely to use or to have questions about are anabolic steroids and beta-hydroxyl-beta-methyl butyrate (HMB).

Question 4

The most popular nutritional ergogenic used by team sport athletes is creatine. Athletes need creatine because it helps in increasing muscle energy. It is good for athletes because it improves sprinting performance and boosts the function of brain.

Question 5

Doping refer to the use of barred athletic performance-enhancing drugs by competing athletes. The world organization formed in 1999 to prevent it is the World Anti-Doping agency.

Question 6

The information that the sports dietitian should obtain from the athlete before first nutrition counseling is assessing the actual intake of food for a period of three days to find out if the athlete has been meeting nutritional demands of the sport.

Question 7

The tool that can be used to get information about the diet of an athlete is dietary analysis tool for athletes. One advantage with this method is that it reliable. One disadvantage is that it may not give accurate results.

Qn 8

The various ways to determine the body composition of an athlete include:

 Hydrostatic weighing


It has good precision for approximating the density of the body in adults.


This method is time consuming and athletes may find it uncomfortable and difficult.



It is noninvasive, harmless, and fast. This method is also reliable for healthy adults.


Results may not be accurate

Qn 9

The three major components of energy expenditure are Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR), it is energy that an individual burns when inactive. Another component is activity thermogenesis referring to calories burned when one is doing an activity. Lastly, thermic  is used in digesting food that we eat.

Qn 10

Fad diets is a balance that lead to quick loss of weight through eating unbalanced and unhealthy diet while credible diets