Sample Nutrition Essay Paper on American Center for Disease Control

According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), one in every six Americans is affected by the contaminated food. As such, the syndicate is responsible for enhancing food safety in the U.S. CDC in conjunction with other federal agencies such as PulseNet builds and facilitates local capacities to increase surveillance and inquiries on the foodborne diseases. Additionally, the organization liaises with the state, local, and federal organizations to determine areas that are exposed to food contamination and develop techniques to detect and avert food poisoning (CDC and Food Safety | Food Safety | CDC n.p). The institution partners with other nations and international firms to increase its survey and deterrence of foodborne illness in the United States of America and across the globe. 

U.S Food and Drug Administration

The U.S Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is an American agency bestowed with the responsibility of enhancing the safety of the local and international products found in the country. The organization develops monitoring programs to determine the presence of pathogens, natural contaminants, pesticides, and other toxins in food.  Additionally, the institution evaluates the possible exposure and the level of risk of the imported commodity on the public’s health. The FDA Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) aims at averting international contamination of food materials that are anticipated to cause mass harm to the people’s health (Foods n.p). The statute requires the covered entities such as the domestic and foreign firms to develop and enact a food protection plan.

United States Department of Agriculture

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) is an agency responsible with the certification of imported products such as eggs, meat, and poultry and facilitates authorization of exported foodstuffs. The organization ensures that international commodities conform to the American standards of food production (USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service n.p). Equally, USDA performs food safety education across various media channels like social media, newspapers, and farmer training to create awareness on food poisoning and enhance safe food handling. Notably, USDA develops strategies and policies aimed at averting adulteration of foreign food materials in the country. The syndicate partners with different stakeholder to determine and exchange information on the mitigating factors and the distribution systems.

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

The U.S Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is an organization responsible with the safeguarding of the United States ecological system. The body incorporates effective approaches to create techniques that assist in producing safe chemicals and control production and distribution of harmful substances (Chemicals and Toxics Topics | US EPA n.p). Additionally, the institution offers informative materials concerning specific elements and ways in which people can be secure from the potential impacts caused by the chemicals. EPA collects data on people’s health and their exposure to environmental hazards. EPA is responsible for cleaning the polluted water bodies and management of garbage to prevent contamination of food supply.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

The organization is responsible for managing the country’s oceanic and atmospheric conditions. The agency offer assistance to different states and foreign nations through the integration of nuclear and related inventions purposely to enhance food quality and safety. Additionally, the organization uses the farm-to-fork method to facilitate effective agricultural practices across the food chain (Food Contaminant Types, Detection, Monitoring | IAEA n.p). Through the incorporation of nuclear technologies, the institution identifies, monitor, and provide surveillance in the food produced domestically. Equally, NOAA partners with foreign companies in determining the level of contaminants and other pollutants in chemicals used in the production of food materials.

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