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How Is Combining Good Nutritional Practices With a Healthy Exercise Beneficial?

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The combination of efficacious nutritional practices and healthy exercises is critical as both activities have profound positive effects on the human body and more so in metabolic processes (Moyer 2012). Regular physical exercise has a variety of benefits such as reducing the risk of developing chronic and acute ailments such as stroke, cardiovascular problems, hypertension, cancer, osteoporosis, and diabetes (Type 2).

In addition, physical activity also contributes towards weight control and may be an effective means of reducing stress. Research notes that it is critical to ensure at least half an hour of modest intensity physical activities five days each week. Moreover, one should also aim to execute two sessions of muscle related activities, even if not in consecutive days. Physical exercise and appropriate and healthy nutrition provide individuals with the ability to control weight issues and eliminate the possibility of obesity, which is increasingly becoming a critical health concern in the United States.

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Burden of Poor Nutrition and Physical Inactivity

            Healthy nutrition and physical activity are fundamental parts of an individual’s overall health and welfare (Fung et al. 2012). In conjunction, they can assist in the reduction of people’s risk of developing serious medical conditions that include high cholesterol, blood pressure, diabetes, renal disorders, cancer and stroke to mention a few. A healthy diet, suitable physical activities, and the achievement and retention of healthy weight are vital in the management of negative health conditions and prevention of worsening with time.