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Homework Question on Dietary Supplements

  1. First, giving information importance of Dietary supplements, then what is dietary supplements, what kind of dietary supplements exits? Then main type : Vitamins. Aims of the research : Make aware people about importance of Vitamin D .
  2. Finally overview of structure : Introduction, Literature review, in lit. review i will talk about vitamin deficiency, different diseases caused by lack of vitamin d,vitamin d and immune system, toxicity of vitamin d , then Discussion part : there will be comparison between deficiency and sufficiency,also comparison between sufficiency and insufficiency, and comparison of Toxicity of vitamin D, Final part of dissertation will be Conclusion.  Giving citation is Important.

Homework Answer on Dietary Supplements


The need for dietary supplements is informed by the fact that modern diets are deficient of important macro and micronutrients that are essential for the healthy functioning of the body. Dietary supplements contain a number of dietary ingredients including vitamins, minerals, herbs, or amino acids, and are designed to increase the total dietary intake of specific nutrients (Martinez et al., 734). Dietary supplements are in form of concentrates and are extracted or synthesized and packed in from of capsules, tablets, powders, softgel of gelcap for ingestion and are not considered as a sole item of a meal.

Dietary supplements are important for human health because they help to address problems of deficiency, which are prevalent in the modern culture.Types of dietary supplements.Dietary supplements can be classified into three main categories as vitamin and mineral supplements, probiotic supplements as well as herbal supplements. Often the supplements are an amalgam of different nutrients that may be packed in ingestible forms.

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In addition, the supplements are also added to food items in from of fortification, especially the common food items that are frequently consumed.Vitamin supplements.This literature review shall examine in depth the deficiency, sufficiency, insufficiency, and toxicity of vitamin D, as a means of providing a holistic understanding of the effect of the vitamin on the body.