Sample Nursing Term Paper on Physician-assisted Suicide should be legal and available for those who choose it

Physician-assisted Suicide should be legal and available for those who choose it

The claim that I shall be investigating is that physician-assisted suicide ought to be legal and available for patients who choose it as a way of ending their suffering. The underlying reason for this claim is that the individual has freedom to choose what he or she feels is best at a personal level, and that a personal decision to die and end suffering constitutes a fundamental right. The physician, as the professional in charge of overseeing a patient’s treatment, and government, as the institution in charge of making and enforcing laws, have to respect the right of a patient to die if such is his or her choice. The counter-argument is that human beings have no right to end life because it is sacred and deserves respect, especially because human beings cannot create it(BBC Ethics Guide/Euthanasia and Physician-assisted Suicide, 2014). As such, the responsibility of human beings, including the physician and the patient, is to apply all practical efforts with the sole objective of preserving life, until it ends naturally.

Some of the most prominent proponents of euthanasia include advocates of patients’ rights, specific associations of doctors, and some sections of the public and civil society. These include right-to-die campaigners and advocacy groups such as Right to Die Europe, World Federation of Right to Die Societies, national-level organizations such as Compassion and Choices in the U.S., and individual campaigners such as Jane Nicklinson in Britain. Interested parties for the claim include organizations and individuals for whom euthanasia would have direct and implied impact on their wellbeing and operations. These include terminally ill patients, their families and friends, medical personnel treating terminally ill patients, and governments (as the makers and enforcers of laws)(Sanson et al, 2008).


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