Sample Nursing Research Paper On Research Designs

Homework Question on Research Designs

A nurse researcher is interested in studying the effect of different medications on the pain of fractures in children admitted to the emergency department. The researcher wants to compare IV morphine, oral ibuprofen, and oral Tylenol with codeine.

  1. -What would most likely be a research question for this study?
  2. -What design do you think would answer this question? Why?
  • Write a 1 page essay in APA format with a title page and reference page. Title page and reference pages do not count in the word count.
  • Write thoroughly but concisely.
  •  Your essay should show critical analysis of the topic.

Homework Answer on Research Designs

Nurse researchers signify scientists who learn different features of health, malady, and health care. Nurse researchers identify research queries, plan and perform scientific studies, gather and scrutinize information and account their results. They frequently associate with scientists in other fields, for instance, pharmacy, sustenance, remedy, and engineering, to enhance tackling of intricate questions and difficulties (Lau, Skinner, Lo, & Bearman, 2016).

When sitting down in a relaxed manner on a fine chair, one could produce excellent results as there is no adversity. Taking exam in a hot, airless room, one could end up producing miserable results as one is not relaxed and there are lots of distractions hanging around. The best design to be applied to the above question is quasi-experimental. The most likely question to be used for the two groups in the study could be; what is the influence of physical environment on the success of nursing research?

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Quantitative research design will be employed for this study; the four major types encompass correlational, experimental, quasi-experimental, and descriptive.Quasi-experimental designs continue to answer inquiries regarding the different circumstances of people’s health, sickness, and life experiences (Numminen, Leino-Kilpi, Isoaho, & Meretoja, 2014). The results will confirm the assumption. This will help nurses in choosing the finest approach for responding to their research inquiries.