Sample Nursing Research Paper On Prioritization

Homework Question on Prioritization

The student will be able to demonstrate application of information literacy and ability to utilize resources (library, writing center, Smart Thinking , APA resources, Turn-It-In, and others) through literature search and writing the paper.

COURSE OUTCOMES This assignment enables the student to meet the following course outcomes

  1. Identify characteristics of professional behavior including emotional intelligence, communication and conflict resolution.
  2. Demonstrate information literacy and the ability to utilize resources.

DUE DATES Please refer to the course calendar for exact due dates of the draft for peer feedback exercise and for the final paper.

REQUIREMENTS AND GUIDELINES Pick one of the following topics and find a scholarly nursing journal article that discusses this nursing topic. The topics are:

  •  Safety
  • Delegation
  • Prioritization
  • Caring
  • After you find a scholarly nursing journal article using the Chamberlain library resources, you will complete a 1-page summary and reflection on the article.

The paper should be completed in APA format and include the following:

A cover page (not included in the page number requirement).

  • A reference page (not included in the page number requirement).
  • One direct quote from one of your references, appropriately cited in the body of your paper.
  • One indirect quote (or paraphrased reference) appropriately cited in the body of your paper.
  • Citations and references in APA format

Homework Answer on Prioritization

Haugen, Canale & Ulrich (2011) argued that the nurse is mandated to prioritizing and individualizing the patient’s plan of care. The study maximized on qualitative data to highlight the routine practices and workload concerns that impact CNS performances in future. The Graves and Payne (2007) and Birch et al (1997) were employed. The tools were structured to gauge reliance in clientele.  The Graves and Payne reliance apparatus centralizes on psychological and physical estimation of carers and client while the Birch et al dependence equipment centralize on patient dependency as well a s the physical, social and emotional aspects.

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An analysis of the mean dependencies proved that the patients were stable over the first few visits with slight improvements realized later. A Pearson correspondence scrutiny was conducted.  This focused on live alone, resident carer and other services scores. The second phase of the study studied the CNS attitudes and views. This questioned the complexities in routine administrations, sections of divergent in the dependency tools along with the workload concerns. The nurses argued that the apparatus used in the erudition did not capture the magnitude of the telephone calls or the consultations with multidisciplinary teams outside the scheduled visits. Moreover, the epoch spent on circuitous nursing was not reported for.