Sample Nursing Research Paper On Population-Based Cost Effective Care

Homework Question on Population-Based Cost Effective Care

  • There are many approaches to providing population based cost-effective care. Nurse-managed clinics are sometimes developed for this purpose.
  • Go to: Sutter-Barrett, R., Sutter-Dalrymple, C., & Dickman, K. (2015). Bridge care nurse-managed clinics fill the gap in health care. The Journal for Nurse Practitioners, 11(2), 262-265. -Explain the clinic functions as described in the article. What are the strengths? Weaknesses? Are there any data available to help evaluate this system?

Homework Answer on Population-Based Cost Effective Care

In the background of a clinical sector evolving at a very fast rate, nursing departments are currently putting a lot of effort in providing high-quality primary care. This has led to the emergence of nurse-managed clinics designed to serve mainly low-income, underserved populations (Sutter-Barrett et al. 262).

The latter are set up by groups of health care professionals who come together to centralize their expertise in the provision of healthcare services to their local community. Their core objectives have been to provide care of the highest quality and reduced cost with the ultimate goal of improved health for everyone (Sutter-Barrett et al. 262).

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The strength of the population-based health care provision is that it addresses the healthcare needs of the populations in question in a comprehensive way. Nurse-managed clinics  target a large segment of the population and, as a result, it is possible for them to operate at a fairly reduced cost for everyone (Sutter-Barrett et al. 264). Since all potential patients would be in a position to afford healthcare services, their quality of life would improve resulting in low mortality rates (Fineout-Overholt et al. 335-338).