Sample Nursing Research Paper on Community Health Nursing

Community Health Nursing

Since consumption of alcohol is considered a social norm among many societies, it is difficult to determine the progression from moderate consumption to excessive consumption. Excessive consumption of alcohol is recognized as one of the global social problems due to the variety of impacts it causes. It can become a social, economic and mental problem when addiction occurs. In Miami Dade for instance, the prevalence of alcohol consumption is high among the youths as well as among the elderly. Miami Dade is the biggest Metropolitan area in Florida. Similarly, it boasts the highest population among the counties of Florida. This implies that the expected alcohol consumption rates will be higher than in other counties. To curb excessive alcohol consumption in Miami Dade, various measures have to be taken. Such measures would be aimed at long term and short term reduction of alcohol consumption prevalence in the county.

One of the measures would be to educate students in schools on the impact of excessive alcohol consumption. Organization of seminars in schools and colleges can help reduce alcohol consumption in the short term. On the other hand, for long term effects, it would be necessary to incorporate alcohol consumption teachings into the syllabus. To reduce the instances of drinking among the underage, improved compliance with s ale requirements among vendors should be implemented. This can be done through inspection.Moreover, increased fines and penalties on selling alcohol to underage persons may also help to curb this trend. Excessive alcohol consumption particularly among the youths has the potential o increasing social disorders such as school dropout and engagement in other criminal activities. Consequently, the use of community and school based programs for alleviating excessive alcohol consumption is recommended.

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