Sample Nursing Research Paper On Chronic Care Model for Mental Illness

Homework Question on Care Model for Mental Illness

  • As healthcare evolves, models are proposed and utilized to help find the best solution to a problem.
  • Describe how the chronic care model could be utilized to manage mental health.
  • How do you view the role of the APN in this system?
  • There may be many potential roles, but you only need to focus on one of them.

Homework Answer on Care Model for Mental Illness

The Chronic Care Model is a framework used to improve health care for people and groups suffering from diverse chronic ailments. The Model advocates for involvement of all stakeholders in matters geared to improve the quality in health care sector. The health practitioners are required to adhere to the Chronic Care Model structure while dealing with chronic cases. For instance, the CCM is effective when managing patients with chronic mental health problems (Coleman, Austin, Brach & Wagner, 2009). Experts say that this model enhances physical and mental health well-being for those patients suffering from mental disorders.

It is utilized by obtaining extensive data through systematic review of previous meta-analysis with an attempt to establish factors linked with CCM success. Also, cumulative meta-analysis is great in determining the extent and effects of clinical trials. Additionally, bivariate and descriptive analyses are vital for determining whether a person’s Chronic Care Model elements and other factors relate to outcomes (Lester & Gask, 2006).

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As the need for ample skills in managing chronic diseases increase, leadership is supposed to play a crucial role in improving the quality in health service delivery. In addition, APNs are said to be the best suit for ensuring improvement in primary care performance. The APN strategizes in research skills whose aim is to enhance service and multifactorial functions for solving chronic mental problems.