Sample Nursing Reflection Paper Summary on Leaders Create the Future

Leaders Create the Future

Leaders have to maintain their composure in the face of financial challenges as well as constant pressure to perform in the organizational set up. Successful organizational leaders have to be well equipped in dealing with present organizational challenges as well as strategizing for future challenges. To achieve this, it is crucial for the leaders to be both hopeful and hawk eyed. It can thus be said that leadership in an organization thrives on hope. Hope in the future can be developed to be a tool for competitive advantage. The future of organizations is shaped through visionary leadership. As a nurse leader, the future is bound to be very challenging. The hope in me however makes me aware of my potential to create strategic directions in the profession, which will enable other nurses to work through delivery of quality healthcare, and also to be professional in addressing patient needs (Thompson, 2008).

Despite my commitment, I am sure I cannot achieve the change on my own. I need the help of other nursing leaders as well as other nurses at the bed side to carry out the reforms in the healthcare sector. As a nursing manager, I am tasked with the responsibility of creation conducive environment for the development of other nursing leaders. Nurturing leaders can only be effective when the environment created by the nursing manager is conducive. Delegating responsibilities to some of the nurses will help them feel more responsible and accountable to the nursing management office. I will also teach the other nurses to make data driven decisions. This is the only way nurses will be aware that data is all they need to be successful leaders.



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