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Homework Question on Nurse Anesthetist

  • Each Question should be about 400 Words. Please cite references
  1. How has past and current regulation/legislation affected the role and scope of Nurse Anesthetists in the United States? What, if any, discussions are currently underway relative to the scope and role of Nurse Anesthetists? What resources are available to assist nurses in advocating for their roles as Nurse Anesthetists?Please use at least TWO References, cite references
  2. What impact has the American Nurses Association had on health care legislation in the past 2 years? Support your answer with appropriate references and specific examples. Please see link below for American Nurses Association website. Use ONE Additional Reference to the American Nurses Association Website
  •  American Nurses Association Website

Explore the American Nurses Association website on policy and advocacy.

Homework Answer on Nurse Anesthetist

                                                Question One

Nurse anesthetist is one of the oldest and advanced nursing specialties in the United States of America. Initially, they were closely affiliated more to doctors than nurses because their roles were medical. Nurse anesthetists now have a professional body known as the American Association of Nurse Anesthetists (AANA). Besides, they have legal, prescriptive authority that governs the professional practice of nurse anesthetists in all the 50 states in America.

They also have access to third party reimbursement. Besides this, each state have formalized regulates that determine the scope and practice of nurse anesthetists. For instance, the licensing of nurse anesthetist is done and regulated by the state through the AANA body.The current and past state regulations have directly affected the roles of nurse anesthetists in many ways. Particularly, the law has been actively used to define the scope and role of any nursing practice.

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The law also allows or prohibits the mobility of nurses in certain states of regions. The law directly controls and regulates the roles and acts of the American Association of Nurse Anesthetists. This directly affects their professional practice. Besides, both the past and current legislations directly affected the reimbursement, quality, and research in nurse anesthetists practice. In essence, legislations affect virtually every aspect of the nurse anesthetist practice.