Sample Nursing Presentation Paper On Graduating Nursing Students

Homework Question on Graduating Nursing Students

  1. Write an inspirational Speech on graduating nursing students

Homework Answer on Graduating Nursing Students

Greetings to you, I am honored to be part of this significant event, which ushers you in your military nursing practice. I am in no doubt the majority of the audience seated here tonight is family and friends of the graduates. I would begin by acknowledging them for the sacrifices and endless hours they had to put up as the military nurses struggled their way through education and to this day have proved they are worthy through the internship program.

As I stand before you, I cannot help but think about the events you had to miss for their sake and the constant motivation you had to give them to continue. Graduates please stand and applaud your families for their sacrifices and support.Now, I would like to shift my attention to the to the brave and ambitious individuals, who are the reason we have this event today. For the past few months, you have spent your time putting into practice what you have learned theoretically and I am happy about the discipline and the readiness to learn that you have demonstrated throughout the internship.

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You are one type of people needed by any nation around the world because you have hearts that dare where so many people shy. It is as if you carry with you skills in two professions, that is, military and nursing. You are the only lucky people to have been trained in all specialties, including pediatrics, psychiatry, emergency trauma, and critical care, among others.I am convinced each of you has a thousand memories, which I sincerely hope you are proud of and happy about your achievements.