Sample Nursing Papers On Responsibilities of The Community Health Nurse

Homework Question on Roles and Responsibilities of the Community Health Nurse

  1. Summarize the roles and responsibilities of the Community Health/Public Health Nurse (school nurse) in relation to (e.g., direct care provider, family counselor, advocate, community organizer, researcher, educator, team collaborator, program manager, etc.)

Homework Answer on Roles and Responsibilities of the Community Health Nurse

The major responsibility of a community nurse is to cater for the health status of the community by assessing the members’ health needs and providing guidance on healthy living where necessary. The community nurse is supposed to provide solutions to health challenges affecting the community. This paper analyses the responsibility of a community nurse as a care provider, counselor, and researcher.

Care Provider

The community nurses act as care providers where they are supposed to ensure the well-being of the community’s members. In an institutional set up, the nurses are required to address the health needs of the students, which consequently plays a key role towards the academic success of the students. The nurses are also supposed to ensure that the community members live in a safe and healthy environment (Holzemer & Klainberg, 2014). The community nurse should be able to assess, identify, and give prescriptions in relation to a particular illness. The development and growth of the community requires the services of the community nurse.

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The community nurses act as counselors, in which role the community benefits from the health expertise that they provide. The nurses should provide information on good nutritional habits, physical exercises, and professional advice to food service providers, physical fitness teachers, other counselors, and coaches. This assists in the prevention of poor nutrition and physical fitness-related complications such as obesity, and diabetes, along with improving the mental health of community members.