Sample Nursing Papers On Inventory of Spiritual and Emotional Maturity

Homework Question on Inventory of Spiritual and Emotional Maturity

Part I: Inventory Spiritual and Emotional: Burnout:

  1. Refer to the “Are You Heading for Caregiver Burnout?” quiz.
  2. Complete the survey and reflect on your own results. Analyze the structure and assumptions behind the assessment.

Part II:

  1. Reflection Using the results from the resources, write a 200-250 word reflection on your results and how you plan to combat compassion fatigue and burnout, and how you plan to promote your own spiritual growth.
  • Prepare this assignment according to the APA guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center.
  • An abstract is not required.

Homework Answer on Inventory of Spiritual and Emotional Maturity

Emotional maturity is divided into four categories, namely emotional infant (the lowest level), emotional child, emotional adolescent, and emotional adult (the highest level). Following the results on Graph 1, I am an emotional adult in terms of general formation and discipleship. An emotional adult has the capacity to love others without necessarily being judgmental and critical. Understanding God’s creations helps me to live a rational life with other people without quarreling with them.

When looking beneath the surface, I am an emotional adolescent. An emotional adolescent does not entertain criticism, and normally does things with the aim of a reward. I usually restrict people from reading my emotions and pains to avoid criticism.In breaking the power of the past, I am an emotional adult. I do not dwell much on past events, but I am grateful for what I have become, and cannot be compelled to justify my stand. In terms of living in brokenness and vulnerability, I am an emotional adult. Sometimes, I do not want to accept that I have done wrong, but I endeavor to learn from those who criticize me constructively.

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I always try hard not to fall in the trap of blaming others for my miseries. I am an emotional adolescent on matters concerning accepting the gift of limits. I often over-extend my hands in helping others and hardly say no to requests for help. In embracing grief and loss, I am an emotional child. I rarely fall in touch with grieved people, and would always avoid them, instead of pretending that I am grieving with them. Incarnation involves embodying oneself in the flesh of divine being, or spirit.