Sample Nursing Paper on Therapeutic nurse-client relationship

BScN 1501 Scholarly Paper Assignment


In this scholarly paper students will explore the interconnectedness of the relational inquiry approach to the therapeutic nurse-client relationship.


Students will be organized into groups and will be assigned either standard statements, client-centred care or maintaining boundaries from the College of Nurses of Ontario (CNO) Practice standard Therapeutic nurse-client relationship, (Revised 2006). Students will also select one of Doane & Varcoe’s five C’s of relational inquiry (compassionate, curious, committed, competence or corresponding).


Students will choose one indicator from their chosen standard statement and describe the interrelatedness of their chosen indicator to one of Doane & Varcoe’s five C’s of relational inquiry.


Instructions for Completing the Written Assignment


Is no more than 2 pages, double spaced (excluding title page and reference page).


  1. Each group will be assigned a standard statement 
  2. Each student in the group will choose one corresponding indicator from CNO (2019) standard statement.
  3. Describe the chosen CNO (2019) indicator and how it relates to the standard statement.
  4. Identify and describe the chosen “C” of relational inquiry (compassionate, curious, committed, competence or corresponding).
  5. Discuss the interrelatedness of the chosen “C” to the indicator.
  6. Include a minimum of 3 references to support your information (only 1 of these can be from a course reading). One of the scholarly articles should include a nurse author. Scholarly sources should be within the last 10 years. Identify the nurse authored article with an asterisk (*).
  7. Use the RADAR framework to select your scholarly articles from the Humber Library databases to support your discussion. No need to comment on RADAR– it is now a framework which is expected when choosing peer reviewed articles to support scholarly work.
  8. Each assignment will have a title page, integrity pledge, a reference list and will be formatted in APA 7th edition.
  9. Students will submit their assignment in Blackboard through SafeAssign.