Sample Nursing Paper On The Nurse Practice Act in Florida

Homework Question on The Nurse Practice Act in Florida

  1. Compare and contrast each of the population focused roles authorized by the nurse practice act in the state in which you live.(I live in MIami,FL)
  2. What are the barriers to practice in your state for each one of the roles?
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    Homework Answer on The Nurse Practice Act in Florida


In Florida, nursing practice is licensed by the Florida Board of Nursing (BON) which is under the jurisdiction of the Florida Nursing Department. The BON consist of 13 members. All members must be residing within the state. Members include seven licensed and registered nurses who have previously engaged in professional nursing practice for or, at least, four years, one advanced nurse practitioner; one approved program nurse educator and one executive nurse (Schmidt, Nelson & Godfrey, 2003).

Nursing practice is a discipline that is critical for societal survival. The discipline requires application of critical and creative thinking for one to be able to make independent decisions, specialized knowledge, and nursing skills for various nursing setting. In the U.S currently each state and its territory, nurse practice act imposed an authoritative body, the authoritative body referred to as the board of nursing defines and regulates nursing practice in every role of every nurse.

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The board is responsible for very nurse’s affairs by ensuring all nurse who practice is safe skilled, competent. These boards also provide nurses with knowledgeable set standards, for the state’s possibility to practice and produce nurses (Schmidt, Nelson, & Godfrey, 2003).

Florida nursing laws and regulations

All states boundaries have enacted nurse practice act (NPA). Its state legislature promulgates the NPA of the state. Thus, each NPA develops a board of nurse (BON). These BON have the authority to change, develop and clarify the administrative rule.