Sample Nursing Paper On SWOT Analysis

Homework Question on SWOT Analysis

  • A common practice used by companies to analyze themselves and their competitors is an analysis called “SWOT”. This process can inform key decisions and strategies. This exercise isn’t just for businesses; it can be helpful for nurses in evaluating their goals and aspirations too. SWOT stands for: Strengths – Factors that are likely to have a positive effect on (or be an enabler to) achieving the objective Weaknesses – Factors that are likely to have a negative effect on (or be a barrier to) achieving the objective Opportunities – External Factors that are likely to have a positive effect on achieving or exceeding your objective, or goal not previously considered Threats – External Factors and conditions that are likely to have a negative effect on achieving your objective, or making the objective redundant or un achievable With the goal of graduating and practicing as an APRN, the first step is to understand more about yourself and your external environment.
  • Complete a brief SWOT analysis in your Journal. Be sure to include references where appropriate.

Homework Answer on SWOT Analysis


With the objective of graduating and practicing as an APRN, one of my major strengths is the possession of competence, determination, and critical skills to facilitate management of various healthcare problems or issues. In addition, I have adequate understanding and expertise to offer preventative care to the target audiences in relation to the goals and objectives of quality health (Patricia, et al 85).


On the other hand, I have the tendency of suffering from weaknesses such as poor role clarification and lack of proliferation of titles. Moreover, the nursing practice lacks political support, which might minimise my expertise in the course of offering effective and efficient services in accordance with the demands and expectations of the target audiences. I need to focus on enhancing my understanding of the job roles and description with the intention of overcoming these weaknesses towards the achievement of the ultimate goal.

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Some of the opportunities in relation to the achievement of the goals and targets of becoming an APRN include migration, diversity of practice, and healthcare issues or crises, which might provide the perfect platform for advancement in the practice (Blair 62). It is appropriate to exploit these opportunities in pursuit of effectiveness and efficiency in the delivery of services.