Sample Nursing Paper On Sentinel Events and Adverse Events

Homework Question on Differences between Sentinel Events and Adverse Events

  1. What is the difference between a sentinel event and an adverse event? List the role of a nurse while doing evidence collection?

Homework Answer on Differences between Sentinel Events and Adverse Events

Deaths and injuries associated with medical errors have been on the rise despite efforts by state and health practitioners in analyzing and reforming healthcare systems to standards that will guarantee the safety of patients. According to Carpetino (2014) there is no medical institution or individual who is immune to sentinel events rather, the errors occur regardless of the standard of the medical facility. Reports indicate that many reputable healthcare systems and highly qualified and respectable practitioners have been victims of sentinel events.

Schuster (2010) argues that in the event that sentinel events occurs, there is need to establish an immediate inquiry and responses that may help in reducing the risks resulting from medical errors. A study by Cappetino (2014) indicates that many sentinel events have caused deaths, permanent physical injuries and psychological damages. The most predominant sentinel events include carrying out procedures on wrong patients or body parts thus leading to permanent damage or loss of their function. Other incidences include retention of surgery instruments in the body of a patient, wrong prescriptions and discharging of infants to wrong families.

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Systemic problems have been blamed to be the major cause of sentinel events rather than failure or mistakes by a medical practitioner. Schuster (2010)    reiterates that communication breakdown among healthcare providers has resulted to many deaths. Also, inaccurate assessment of the condition of the patient coupled with inadequate training and leadership skills may expose the patient to unexpected risks.