Sample Nursing Paper on Self-Compassion may Protect against Postpartum Depression and Anxiety

Chapter 3 : METHODS

-Methodology: Quantitative


  • Introduction


  • Design


  • Setting: The study will be conducted for post-delivery mothers through a survey in SSMC A5 waiting area.


  • Population: Mothers in the UAE who had experienced breastfeeding challenges


  • Sampling: Mothers in the UAE using prospective survey (40 participants).


  • Data Collection


  • Data Analysis


  • Ethical Consideration


  • Limitation


4.0 Future Recommendation





Survey Questions: add a list of survey question and how did you analyze the answers.


Include this question same as the base article


Part 1 Q: Self-compassion:


To assess respondents’ self-compassion we used the Self-Compassion Scale (SCS) (Neff, 2003), a valid and reliable 26-item scale used widely in the self- compassion literature and available at self- It requires respondents to rate themselves.


Part 2 Q: Breastfeeding problems and self-ratings of importance/severity:


Women could select the problems they experienced from a list and/or provide additional descriptions. We asked respondents to use a 0 to 10 scale to rate the importance of breastfeeding to them at the time of their baby’s birth (0 = not at all


important and 10 = extraordinarily important) and the perceived severity of their breastfeeding problem (0 = very mild, 5 = moderate, and 10 = very severe).


Part 3 Q:Postpartum depression and anxiety


Respondents were also asked, ‘At the time of your breastfeeding problems, were you diagnosed with, or do you think you may have had, postpartum depression or anxiety?’. The response choices for this item were yes, maybe and no.


-Time line (Gantt chart)



– participant consent form.