Sample Nursing Paper On Regulatory Model for APRNS

Homework Question on Regulatory Model for APRNS

  • Review content in the Hamric textbook that refers to the proposed new Regulatory Model for APRNs.
  • Go to the Internet to review the full text of the Consensus Model.
  • Review regulations imposed by your state board of nursing. How will the new model improve practice parameters and patient safety in your state?

Homework Answer on Regulatory Model for APRNS

The increase in the general demand of the nurses in the hospitals has led to new set rules and regulations governing their general conduct in and around the hospital. The conducts and regulations have been based on several parts of their life most specifically on their education. These regulatory issues have been highlighted in the model. The new APRNS model gives the nurse the authority to prescribe the drugs even without consulting the physician.

This model is best for the work environment of the nurses and their patients. The past year, nurses have not been able to work on their patients directly without consulting the doctors. Their level of education may be the same but they were not recommended to work with the same authorities.The model has four categories of nurses in the APRNS. Rhoads & Jensen (2015) says that the first is the Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA).

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These nurses have the ability to take care of their patients without any help for the anesthetic doctor. The consensus model gives the nurses of this sort the chance to express their abilities in their field of study. The second one is Certified Nurse-Midwife (CNM). In the past years, mid-wives have been giving the low priorities. In the real sense, they have been the life makers since they make sure a new born is in good health (Goudreau et al., 2013).