Sample Nursing Paper On Professional Nursing School Accreditation

Homework Question on Degree Granting and Professional Nursing School Accreditation

  1. Please describe report the granting and professional nursing accreditation for American Sentinel University and Case Western Reserve University?
  2. Compare and contrast in your explanation similarities and or differences addressing US Department of Education Recognition? The running head must be “American Sentinel University and Case Western Reserve University” and the page number must be in the top right

Homework Answer on Degree Granting and Professional Nursing School Accreditation

The report granting the professional nursing accreditation for the American Sentinel University and Case Western Reserve University assess the capability of these two universities to provide quality nursing education. It presents both the assessment of physical and human infrastructure of these universities and the impact/intended meaning of being accredited by the professional body. The three major factors considered in accreditation of these universities included:

  1. Developed human resource (the lecturers and the thematic leaders)
  2. The physical facilities (the equipment and the laboratories)
  3. The environment (should be conducive learning)
  4. The curriculum and program design (the content of the syllabus and the inclusion of internships as part of learning)

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Under the federal laws, an institution would be held liable for offering non-accredited programs, though these institutions may be registered by the US Department of Education. The students would not be recognized by the professional bodies and risk prosecution if they attempt to practice nursing (American Association of Colleges of Nursing, 2013).The US Department of Education (USDE) recognition is different from that of the professional bodies (Gaston, 2014). The USDE places much emphasis on the development and execution of the curriculum by the universities and other higher learning institutions. The professional bodies lay emphasis on both the curriculum and the integration/relevance into the market (Keating, 2015).