Sample Nursing Paper on Population-based Nursing

Population-based Nursing
Assignment: Education Plan

• After completing the Community/Population Assessment for the population you chose, create an
Education Plan for teaching the population about a health-related topic you identified as a priority for
your chosen population. **Please note, part of your practicum experience involves a 20–40-
minute teaching presentation where you will teach a health topic to a specific population. As
a result, this Education/Teaching Plan is what you will use to guide your teaching of a health
topic for your selected population.

• The education plan must include a minimum of three objectives.

• Objectives must include ONE in each of the following domains of learning: Cognitive, Affective, and

• Please remember that when you develop your educational handout (another course assignment), it will
focus on the Cognitive Domain of learning.

• You should include reference to the educational handout in your Education Plan (use this as one of your
teaching strategies!