Sample Nursing Paper on Personal Statement For A degree In Mental Nursing

Personal Statement For A degree In Mental Nursing

I am applying for a mental health degree in nursing because I would like to support and treat those with mental illness. My ambition to study for a degree in mental health nursing has developed out of my working in the caring profession and helping to solve problems of patients suffering from mental disabilities.  Studying at the university will help me to expand my knowledge and skills in mental healthcare. Also this presents me with a variety of roles I can take up with my degree.  Mental health problem is one of the most common health problems and can affect people of all ages and classes. It is therefore important to promote mental health illness to the public as most people are uncomfortable to talk about mental illness. The opportunity to make a difference to the lives of those affected with psychological conditions offers the prospect of true personal and professional fulfilment to me.

I have worked as a healthcare assistant in nursing homes, dementia homes, supported livings, mental health home and hospital which have made me to gain extensive experience of working with patients with mental problems. This experience has also given me a real and practical understanding of challenges of the mental health nurse’s role. My training in diploma level 3, NVQ level 2, mental health and challenging behavior lays for me a foundation in this professional life. Working as mental health nurse requires more than just academic knowledge but requires excellent communication skills, interpersonal skills and human empathy. My communication skills are excellent as I have improved through several years of working experience. Good communication is required to build positive and therapeutic relationships. Patients with dementia may lose the connection between the neurons in the brain resulting in inability to speak. I assisted them by use of pictures to remember their hobbies and interests. More so, this will help me to interact well with my tutors and fellow students at the university.

I am hardworking and enthusiastic about my career. I have good interpersonal skills as working with mental health patients requires one on one interaction between professionals, clients and care providers. Collaboration is essential for successful teamwork and care plan delivery. The university has students from all cultural diversity hence I will be able to interact with different cultures and learn from them.

Having done an online course in business management, my organizational skills are greatly improved and can take up any leadership role.  Working in different healthcare system has impacted me with leadership skills as I was often assigned with various task to manage. I have strong analytical skills, am able to work well under pressure and requires minimum supervision.  Mental healthcare required teamwork hence my teamwork skills are great. My skill set will enable me to take up new and challenging opportunities at the university.  I am a goal oriented person and believe that I have the necessary qualities to becoming a successful mental health nurse. With the skills I have acquired working as a healthcare assistant in different mental healthcare settings for sixteen years I believe I would be able to overcome the challenges of learning mental health nursing at the university. I am purposeful and clear sighted in my ambitions and I hope you will consider my application.