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Homework Question on Patient Care and Procedure Change

  • Introduction: For this assessment, you will select a nursing admission/assessment or patient care/preparation process or procedure (e.g., routine shaving of the surgical site) that is commonly found in your practice setting that you and your colleagues question. You will gather evidence to determine the basis for this process or procedure, provide suggestions based on evidence on how this process or procedure should be changed, and determine possible barriers to implementation of a revised clinical practice guideline.
  • Requirements: A. Describe a nursing admission/assessment or patient care/preparation process or procedure currently found in your practice setting. Note: You must choose a process or procedure that was already in place and you can recommend changes to.
  1. Discuss why the present process or procedure needs to be changed, based on the evidence you have gathered.
  2. Based on your initial investigation of the situation, do the following: Note: You may need to ask workplace personnel to complete the following. a. Explain who determined the basis for the current process or procedure in your practice setting. b. Explain the decision makers’ rationale for instituting or supporting the current process or procedure. c. Explain why the decision makers decided to implement the current process or procedure.
  3. Recommend a practice change for the process or procedure you selected. a. List five relevant and credible sources to support your suggested practice change. Note: Credible sources are less than five years old and may include professional journals, research reports, professional websites, governmental reports, current texts less than five years old, and presentations from professional meetings.
  4. Explain the clinical implications your recommended change might have on patients, based on the relevant and credible sources you listed in part A3a.
  5. Explain the implications your recommended change might have on the practice setting, based on the relevant and credible sources you listed in part A3a.
  6. Discuss how you would involve key stakeholders in the decision to change the process or procedure or to comply with the recommended change.

Homework Answer on Patient Care and Procedure Change


Preparation for a patient before diathermy involves the use of a disinfectant to prepare the skin at the point where diathermy is to be administered. Most of the solvents used in this contain alcohol, and it might combust as the procedure takes place. A number of cases have been reported where the diathermy procedure has resulted in burns on the patient due to the skin prep solvent catching fire that has been caused by the sparks from electro-surgery (Culp, Kimbrough, Luna & Maguddayao, 2014).

The reasons for these accidents occurring during surgery have been identified as the pooling of the skip prep liquids and the surgeons not allowing it to dry before starting the procedure. This paper explores the risks of fire that result from the use of alcoholic solvents in the skin preparation for diathermy, and suggests possible solutions for this. The solutions include a tweak in the procedures or the replacement of the type of solvents used in skin prep during diathermy.

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Diathermy refers to treatment using electrically induced heat that is generated from high frequency electrical current. It is used in both occupational therapies and in surgical procedures as well. The tissues in the body are targeted for heating, and this has a therapeutic effect (Culp, Kimbrough, Luna & Maguddayao, 2014). Most of the tissues targeted are the ones that might be having lesions or have pathological lesions.