Sample Nursing Paper On Ozone Clinic Business Plan

Homework Question on Ozone Clinic Business Plan

Develop a business management plan for a primary care setting.

  • Promote an Advance Practice Nurse practice to the public.
  • Develop a plan to start or manage a practice.
  • Conduct a business evaluation of an APN practice.
  • Negotiate essential elements of an employment contract for an advanced practice nurse in a selected care setting.
  • Compare and contrast the legal and contractual considerations for APN as an employee and as a contractor. Propose an employment contract.
  • Outline ethical issues that may impact the APN.
  • Examine insurance issues.

Assignment Description:

  1. Write a brief business plan for a Nurse Practitioner owned clinic.
  2. Propose an employment contract.
  • Length – 2500 to 3000 words
  • Length – no minimum requirement, cover what is needed.
  • Grafts and charts can be used to demonstrate numbers
  • Parameters: Follow the APA 6th edition for references and citations As this Unit is business oriented do not need to include scholarly references
  • You still need to properly cite all sources that you use.
  • Demonstrate analysis, evaluation and synthesis of information.

Homework Answer on Ozone Clinic Business Plan

Executive summary

Ozone Clinic will assist in the satisfaction of health care needs and improve access to primary care for citizens in Kansas City. The clinic will provide patient –focused, safe, timely, and affordable primary care to all the target customers. Through the services offered, Ozone clinic will provide a novel experience of increased patient satisfaction characterized by open communication and holistic care.

The clinic faces competition from established clinics and two emergency departments at the public health care facility in Kansas City. The critical element to the success of Ozone Clinic is engaging in the development of a promotional strategy aimed at educating the public on the services it provides.

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Business description

The clinic will recruit nursing practitioners with improved skills and knowledge in the provision of primary care to patients with different sickness related complications. Services provided will include physical examinations, screening, comprehensive histories, treatment and the management of patients with severe and chronic diseases. Additional services will include health promotion, prevention, physician referral, and health care education.