Sample Nursing Paper On Nursing Theories

Homework Question on Nursing Theories

  • Reading:
  • Alligood, M. R. (Ed.). (2014). Nursing theorists and their work (8th ed.). St. Louis, MO: Mosby.
  • Unit IV: Nursing Theories (Students are to select one theory to read from this unit that might serve as a potential foundation for their eventual practicum project.)
  1. Explicate a selected nursing theory from Unit IV in your text and explain how you already do or would apply that nursing theory to your current practice role.     

Homework Answer on Nursing Theories

Theories are generated from conceptual or theoretical models as propositions are made. Propositions attempt to explain certain concepts and why things behave as they do. Theories are usually not proven. Whatever is believed to be confirmed theories become of little or no use when information is found to prove false the prior knowledge (Boykin 23). An example is of the law of gravity where a scholar Isaac Newton claimed a theory that the earth contains a force of gravity that pulls things to its center.

Boykin and Schoenhofer came up with a nursing theory. The theory stated that nursing is a caring endeavor. The theory that considers nursing as caring was developed in 1993 and it invites results measurement. It has been comprehensively tested and confirmed in nursing administration, education and even in the practice itself (Gutenber org). It has also been verified and confirmed in the advanced level of nursing practice and primary care.

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The theory is based on caring showing how nurses show their clients the best care they need. There are six major assumptions to the theory that indicate a set of standards that provide grounds for enhancing understanding and the explication of what is meant by nursing. First, they stated that people are caring in nature. The human aspect of people give them the virtue of caring and it in inborn to humans hence even the nurses being humans are also caring.