Sample Nursing Paper On Nursing leadership

Homework Question on Nursing leadership

Topic:How a nurse becomes a leader.

  • The paper will be a total of at least 5 pages, including the title and reference pages.
  • This means that you must provide a minimum of 3 pages of original content in APA FORMAT.
  • The articles must be from the last 7 years.

Homework Answer on Nursing leadership


 Nursing is a health care profession, which concentrates on providing care to families, society, and individuals, with main aim of giving quality life, recovering health status, and maintaining life. Nursing leadership basically concerns itself with critical thinking, support and action. Leadership in nursing plays significant roles in nurses’ lives, and has greater impacts on the whole healthcare system (Speedy & Daly, 2015).

Since Medicare systems requires energetic, courageous, authoritative, credible, inspiring and visionary nurse leaders, it is essential for nurses and nurse leaders to identify ways of becoming good leaders, in both present and in future times.Successful nurse leaders have the ability to motivate fellow healthcare professionals in nursing practice, in order to strive to achieve similar goals based on patient care.

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Effective leaders ought to have specific personal qualities such as integrity and ability to handle work-related stressful elements without giving up. Individuals possessing these skills are highly admired and looked up to by subordinates due to the capability of setting goals intelligently, as well as collaborating and communicating skillfully (Speedy & Daly, 2015). In today’s evolving environment and changing ways of handling healthcare matters.